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Dark Water Customs
Dark Water Customs is focused on custom fabrication for the specialty vehicle market. Fuel your Ride with Dark Water.
12/29/2o13My full time job has kept me from being in the shop much since Thanksgiving. Now that things should slow down at the post office orders should start flowing out of here soon.
12/29/2o13Looks like I had some bad code in the online store that was keeping people from inputing there shipping address. Its all fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience.
o4/17/2o13Have you heard of Ting? Check it out and get $25.
o4/o3/2o13I will be getting a set of air dam to the powdercoater this week. It will be the last set for a while. Only 4 left till the next batch. Get them while you can.
o4/o3/2o13I am pretty much caught up with orders. Thank you all for your patience.
o2/o4/2o13Due to sickness in my family, having to move my shop and home and sickness of a coworker I am behind on orders. I will complete orders as fast as I can but at the current time I have no time to get in the shop. Thank you for your understanding.
o1/31/2o13I am in the process of moving my house and my shop. Orders will be delayed as I get moved. Thank you for you patience.
o1/15/2o13I am behind on orders as I got the flu over the holidays. Will be doing my best over the next few weeks to get caught up. Sorry for the delays.
12/11/2o12Christmas rush is here all orders placed after Dec. 11th will most likely not be filled till the new year.
o9/26/2o12Its been a crazy couple months. I have been working 6 days a week at my full time job so orders have not been filled as timely as I would like. I am trying to get caught up this week as I took 3 days off to get in the shop and build.
o4/o7/2o12Air dams are off to powder coater. I will not be working the week of April 15th so expect additional delays.
o4/o1/2o12I am expecting the air dam brackets this week. I will get them made up and to the powder coater this week if things go as planned. As it stands right now they should ship out the end of next week.
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